Students often ask for suggested resources. There are some phenomenal books and blogs out there. For Typography books, my favorites are Thinking with Type and The Elements of Typographic Style. Dig deep and build your critical thinking skills. In addition to books, there are fantastic talks on TED, articles on AIGA, FastCo, Core77, and more. Sustainable design, design thinking, and business tips have a wealth of information out there. I would recommend reading outside of the industry, such as reading books on behavioral science, psychology, education and developmental psychology, marketing, research, industrial design, cultural trends, etc.  Get involved, and you'll be amazed at how rich this community is.  

For technical skills, it's important to keep learning and push yourself. Be a self-starter and learn to troubleshoot on your own. I recommend playing as much as possible; the more you master your tools, the more creative and efficient you can be. Creatives generally like to share. Much like open source web design culture, there are resources out there for creatives. Lynda, Skillshare and youtube may be a good place to look. Contact me for one-on-one classes or workshops.


A few words of advice to students