I'll took the Inktober challenge this year, posting one ink drawing a day for the month of October. Follow my Instagram account to see each drawing. 

Looking Back: Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center


About a year ago with Advent, DLR, Haselden, and The University of Wyoming, I was working on the interactive UI and final display designs of the Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center. As we head into the grand opening anniversary this October, my heart is thankful. From the initial pitch and research to the final celebration beside colleagues, donors, and students, this project will remain in my heart for a long time. See more on the project here.  

UW Gateway Center Legacy Hall Design Advent Renee Malloy Ludlam
foundations entry

Teaching Adjunct at SCAD

They call me Professor Ludlam, though I tell them they can call me Renée. :) In March, I taught my first undergraduate course at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), GRDS 285, Graphic Design Media Management. It is an early level graphic design course, so many of the students were from other majors. The diverse and fantastic group of 20 students grew tremendously over the 10-week course, and I couldn't be prouder of them. They taught me much along the way, and I am excited to teach again in the fall.  

A few examples of student work:


Gallery Representation Update: Grand Bohemian Gallery

Grand Bohemian Gallery | Photo by Art March Savannah

Grand Bohemian Gallery | Photo by Art March Savannah

In February 2015, The Grand Bohemian Gallery at the Mansion on Forsyth in Savannah, GA added me to their collection of represented artists. My works have been seen in their monthly First Friday Art March events, and we are planning for a featured exhibition in the fall. I'll keep you posted on dates for the show. Also, the gallery is opening a location in Charleston, SC. Stay tuned for updates!


Con·tex·ture Gallery Live Online

For those of you who missed out on the opening and First Friday receptions, I have posted the work online for your viewing pleasure. You can see the work at the gallery through Saturday by appointment.

Call 912.376.9953



At some point, all creatives have faced a block. Moving past it can be a daunting task. I know, because I've been there. Join me for a workshop on process where you can learn about how I work, share your techniques, learn new methods, and get creating! I look forward to seeing you there. :) Bring a sketchbook, something to write with, and a camera/ camera phone. 

Coast, 2014

Coast, 2014

Con·tex·ture: Fresh Exhibitions Fellowship

I'm excited to announce I received a Fresh Exhibitions Fellowship and will have a solo show, Con-tex-ture, later this month through December. Con-tex-ture invites viewers into visual environments for the mind to wander, discover, and create. Featuring all-new multimedia fine art, the exhibition will showcase my latest personal explorations.

"Road" 15.25"x 15.25" Multimedia with oil paint and encaustic on reclaimed wood.

"Road" 15.25"x 15.25" Multimedia with oil paint and encaustic on reclaimed wood.

November 28th-
December 13th, 2014

Opening reception: Friday, November 28th, 6–9pm

First Friday Art March: Friday, December 5th, 6–9pm

Breaking Through the Bleak Workshop: Saturday, December 13th, 2–4pm

2427 Desoto Ave, Savannah, Georgia 31401  
Gallery open Saturdays 1-4pm & by appointment